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New Data Shows How New York Drivers Rank Against Others; More Traffic Tickets Than Most States
Ever wonder how NY drivers stack up? When it comes to receiving traffic tickets, they are subject to more citations and fines than most drivers in most states.

Ever wonder how New York drivers compare to drivers in other states? Are NY drivers as safe? Do they tend to receive more traffic tickets or have more citations for drunk driving?

Thanks to a statistical analysis compiled from data provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), the American Motorists Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), it is possible to compare how New Yorkers fair behind the wheel versus drivers in other states.

The data gathered from NHTSA, the American Motorists Association and MADD were translated into the following rankings categories: fatalities per million miles, careless driving, drunken driving, failure to obey traffic signals and traffic ticketing. The higher the ranking in a category, the worse a state’s drivers score. The scores per category were then added up to a total worst driver rank.

Based on these category scores and ranks, the study found that the states with the ten worst drivers’ rankings are South Carolina, Alabama, Montana, Kentucky, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Missouri and Louisiana. The state with the best ranked drivers is Rhode Island. Data suggests that the northern states have more safe drivers overall, than in the south, which is home to nine of the ten worst ranked drivers states.

According to the analysis, New York ranks 29th for the worst drivers overall, putting it roughly in the middle of all 50 states ranked (although just inside the safer half of the rankings). In terms of specific rankings by category, New York ranked fifth in fatalities per million miles, 44th in ticketing, 16th in drunken driving, 34th in failure to obey and 17th in careless driving.

New York’s low rankings in fatalities per million miles, drunken driving and careless driving suggests that New York drivers are safer drivers on the whole compared to drivers in other states. Therefore, New York drivers are likely to sustain less motor vehicle accidents, personal injuries and driver and passenger fatalities that stem from bad driving when compared to over 30 other states.

On the other end of the spectrum, New York ranks in the upper two-thirds of all the states in drivers who fail to obey traffic signals at 34th. Somewhat hand in hand with that, New York’s ticketing rank of 44th is one of the highest among the 50 states. That number shows that New York issues the sixth most traffic violations out of all the states.

As recipients of the some of the very highest amounts of traffic tickets among the 50 states, New York drivers are subject to a significantly higher amount of ticket fines and arrests. As a consequence, New York drivers are also much more likely to be in need of traffic ticket defense attorneys that can represent them in New York traffic court.

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