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National Ski Safety Week Encourages Safety on Utah Slopes
The annual National Safety Awareness Week encourages skiers and snowboarders to be safe getting to the mountains and using the resorts and trails. Held each January, the week highlights the importance of safe winter recreation.

Snowboarders and skiers are the target audience for the National Safety Awareness Week. Held each year in January and sponsored by National Ski Areas Association and participating resorts, the week is used to highlight resort safety efforts and increase slope safety in an effort to reduce snowboarding and skiing accidents.

Held January 14-22 this year, National Safety Awareness Week featured various contests and safety awards. The National Ski Patrol also used the week to highlight “Your Responsibility Code.” Encouraging skiers and boarders to “know the code,” the ski patrol spent the week answering questions and focusing on mountain rules and regulations such as:

  • Always stay in control
  • Yield the right of way to others
  • Know how to use the lift safely
  • Observe all posted signs and warnings
  • Stay off closed trails and areas

Citing the fact that safe skiers and snowboarders have more fun, the National Ski Areas Association and the National Ski Patrol urge recreational users of resorts and mountain areas to use common sense and maintain personal awareness to reduce risks to safety.

Skiing Safety Tips

Canyons, a popular Utah ski resort, also offers additional tips for safe winter skiing and snowboarding:

  • Avoid dangerous and excessive speeds ― you need to be able to stop and avoid other objects or people, so remain in control
  • Do not stop where you are not visible from above or obstruct the trail
  • If you have been in an accident with another skier, be sure to exchange contact information with the other person
  • Be sure to use the proper devices to help avoid runaway equipment
  • Do not ski or snowboard if you are impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Those in front of you have the right-of-way, so it is up to you to avoid them

As various tips above indicate, injuries from collisions with other skiers and snowboarders are always possible on Utah slopes. Unfortunately, no amount caution will protect you from another careless skier who fails to exercise safety and collides with you. In some instances, these skier collisions may be covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy, but every situation is different, so if you have been injured in a collision with another negligent skier, contact an experienced ski injury attorney to learn of your rights and options.

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