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California Highways Rated As Some of the Most Dangerous for Drivers
Drivers in some California cities are at a high risk of being involved in a collision and injured, according to the latest Congested Corridors Report that places Los Angeles as one of the most dangerous cities to drive in.

Drivers in some California cities are at a high risk of being involved in a collision and injured, according to the latest Congested Corridors Report that places Los Angeles as one of the most dangerous cities to drive in. This is a report published in November 2011 and complied by the Texas Transportation Institute. Certain roadways in Los Angeles ranked number one for the worst congested traffic nationwide. These sections of highways and freeways are where drivers spend hours tied up in traffic daily.

This congestion leads to traffic accidents daily.  These car accidents can involve multiple vehicles, injuries and death. Thousands of people are injured annually in Southern California and hundreds killed in traffic related collisions, which contributes to the rating of these roadways.  Los Angeles, in this latest traffic study, placed first, second, third, sixth, seventh and eighteenth in top twenty congested corridors, with San Francisco following close behind and in the top ten.

The locations in Los Angeles that ranked so high are:

  • Los Angeles Harbor Freeway (CA-110) Santa Monica Freeway, to Stadium Way, Exit 24C.
  • Los Angeles Harbor Freeway ( I-110) from 111th Place to( I-110), Santa Monica Freeway (I-10).
  • Los Angeles/ San Diego Freeway (I-405) from (I-105) Imperial Highway to Getty Center Drive.
  • Los Angeles San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) from Beverly Boulevard to Florence Avenue.
  • Los Angeles Riverside Freeway (CA-91) from Costa Mesa Freeway (CA-55) to Mckinley Street.
  • Los Angeles I-110 from West Vernon Avenue to 51st Street.

What Los Angeles and other drivers throughout Southern California find on these roadways and others is the congested traffic that can make it a risk of being involved in a collision every time they are on these freeways. Traffic backs up suddenly, and drivers text and talk on their cell phones, even though this has been outlawed in the state of California.

Driving on Dangerous Southern California Roadways

Driving on the dangerous Southern California roadways included in this study can raise the risk of being involved in a car accident. Then, added to this risk, are the latest data cell phones and other technology, such as texting, which has increased the distraction of drivers, making these roadways even more dangerous.

Laws have been put in place to stop the use of handheld cell phones, but this has not stopped drivers from being distracted by calls. There are other things that can distract drivers, which make the freeways more deadly, including taking a sip of coffee, eating, changing the radio station and other distractions.  This will mean that drivers are not fully alert to the traffic around them and places other drivers at a higher danger of being involved in a collision.

These distractions can be the determining factor in catastrophic collisions, as the data have shown. Careless and reckless actions on the roads of this area are what have caused sections of the freeways in Los Angeles to be rated the worst in the country.

What Being Involved in a Car Collision Can Mean

Being involved in a car collision on the congested freeways in Southern California can mean being seriously injured. And any car accident attorney will tell you that drivers whose careless or reckless actions have caused another person to be injured can be legally held responsible for their actions. In doing this, it will also mean holding their insurance company accountable. This can become a complicated lawsuit and one in which the insurance company will have legal representation.

It is important for the person who has been injured to also have the legal representation of an experienced personal injury lawyer. The attorney will typically have the ability to determine how many parties can be held responsible and can fight for damages, even when the car accident was caused by lack of improper maintenance by the roadway agency.

The driver, passenger or motorcyclist who is injured on one of most dangerous roadways in Southern California can suffer severe injuries, including traumatic head injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries, internal injuries and broken or fractured bones. These are injuries that can occur during a collision and are usually caused by the distracted driver. There are a smaller number of car accidents that are caused due to roadway conditions and auto defective parts or designs.

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