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New York imposes stricter penalties for DWI
Recently, New York passed new drunk driving regulations that have serious impacts for repeat DWI offenders.

New traffic regulations in New York’s DWI laws significantly increase the severity of penalties for those convicted of multiple DWIs. The state of New York already has some of the strictest repercussions for drunk drivers in the nation. Recently, New York passed some new drunk driving regulations that have serious impacts for repeat DWI offenders.

Essentially, the new regulations will affect more than 50,000 New York drivers with valid or suspended licenses and three or more alcohol-related convictions. 

Overview of the new DWI regulations

Under the new regulations, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (NY DMV) can now review a driver's entire lifetime record when considering his or her driver’s license application. This means that a 20-year old DWI conviction could prevent a driver from getting his or her license back.  

Additionally, the New York DMV will automatically deny any applications where a driver has more than five DWI convictions in his or her life, or the driver has three or more DWI convictions in the last 25 years and a serious traffic violation (regardless of whether that serious traffic offense is related to drugs or alcohol.)

Further, drivers are no longer able to seek an early reinstatement of a suspended driver's license. (Under the old rules, drivers could accelerate license reinstatement by participating in a class. Now the entire suspension period is mandatory.)

Defending against DWI arrest

These new rules make New York one of the toughest states in the nation for DWI penalties. As a result, defending against DWI charges in New York is essential, particularly if a driver is facing a subsequent drunk driving charge.

Seeking the help of an experience New York DWI attorney who can offer advice about your rights and the options available under the law is advised.

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